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Chevalier’s Offers Selection of Books from “S***hole Countries”

Chevalier’s Books Darryl Holter

Chevalier’s Offers Selection of Books from “S***hole Countries”

Patricia Lombard | www.larchmontbuzz.com

You may have noticed a new selection of books in the window at Chevalier’s Books on Larchmont Blvd.

“I just woke up that morning and thought we had to do something,” Liz Newstat, manager at Chevalier’s, told the Buzz. “Our owners, (Bert Deixler and Daryl Holter) had a similar idea, so we put together a selection of books from authors from Haiti, Africa and El Salvador.”

Newstat said the reaction to the window, which was also posted on social media, has been great.

“Everyone has been very positive,” said Newstat, who also pointed the Buzz to Amy Wilentz, our own local expert on Haiti for more information.

Wilentz, a journalist and author, recently wrote an article in The Nation explaining how Haitian slave resistance to French rule enabled then US President Thomas Jefferson to make the Louisiana Purchase.

In her article, “Without Haiti, the United States Would, in Fact, Be a Shithole (And some other things about the country that Donald Trump doesn’t know and doesn’t care to know)… Continued at at Larchmont Buzz

Photo of the store window at Chevalier’s Books on Larchmont (photo courtesy of Chevalier’s Books Instagram feed)

Darryl Holter is a historian, entrepreneur, musician, and owner of an independent bookstore. He has taught history at the University of Wisconsin and UCLA and is an adjunct professor at USC.