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Roots & Branches Album Review by Goldmine Magazine

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Darryl Holter, Roots & Branches Album Review by Goldmine Magazine

by Mike Greenblatt | November 2018

The Roots & Branches (213 Music) of singer/songwriter/author Darryl Holter go deep, so deep, in fact, he needed two bands to flesh out his vision. The first is a rustic acoustic “Roots” band which features a Woody Guthrie paean of sorts, “Highway 66” and a cover of The Carter Family’s 1936 “No Depression In Heaven” (as well as his original answer song “New Depression.”)

The electric “Branches” band covers two by Tom Petty and ends with the hidden original “20/20 Vision” which tries to fathom why people would vote for the current White House monster. Motivated by politics, filled with guest vocalists, these Roots & Branches spread ever outward.

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roots & Branched album

Roots & Branches

Roots & Branches Darryl Holter
Darryl’s new album “Roots & Branches” feat. Shayna Steele, Joe Henry, Julia Holter, Becca Stevens, Chris Morrissey and Anais Mitchell and produced by Ben Wendel is available now!

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