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Great time at “Roots & Branches” Release Party

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We had a great time the Roots & Branches album release party & show last Friday.  About 100+ people came.  Julia handled the keyboard and back-up vocals. We did seven songs from the new album and Julia sang vocals on “My Flowers Grow Green” from the Radio Songs album.

At the end I announced that I had decided that since my daughter Rachael had flown in from NY and arrived at the last minute to surprise me I wanted to do a Dylan song in her honor, even though the band had not rehearsed it or had any idea we were going to do it.

So I asked audience:  “How many of you have heard of Bob Dylan?” and everyone raised their hands. And I said. “But how many of you have had a conversation with Bob Dylan?”  And one person raised her hand, my daughter, Rachael.

So I told the story of how we met Bob in a truck stop in 1977 in Osseo, Wisconsin around midnight when she was about 4 years old.  And in the conversation Rachael showed Bob that she had memorized the entire first verse of “Tangled Up in Blue” by singing it for him.

So I said, “Ok, now we are going to do the song.  I will play the first verse myself so that band can listen and hear how to play it and then they can join me for the remaining 5 or 6 verses.” So we did it and while it was a little rough here and there, it really sounded great and the audience enjoyed it.  And so did Rachael.

– DH

Darryl’s new album “Roots & Branches” feat. Shayna Steele, Joe Henry, Julia Holter, Becca Stevens, Chris Morrissey and Anais Mitchell and produced by Ben Wendel is available now!

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