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Video Showcase on “The Streets of Los Angeles: a Brief Look at the People Behind the Street Names”

by Elisabeth L. Uyeda | December 2018

darryl holter los angeles

Pio de Jesus Pico is today remembered as the last governor of Alta California, during the time when the region was a part of Mexico. (Photo: Los Angeles Revisited )

Los Angeles did not just happen. It was built by real people – and they were as diverse as today’s populace.

Combining a blend of historic photographs from the Seaver Center for Western History Research along with contemporary images, the following video is an homage to our everyday street names in Los Angeles and the people behind them.

There are many poignant stories about those pictured in the video, more than the short video can express – among images of families, couples, and single men in the once dusty, remote city. Further below is a description guide to the people portraits in the video.

Music credit to the song “Time and Space,” goes to Darryl Holter, singer, songwriter, and historian.

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