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Performance & Presentation at Glendale Public Library

Los Angeles New Years Flood darryl holter

The La Crescenta Valley New Year’s Flood of 1934: Life During the Great Depression in Southern California

Join local artist Darryl Holter on a musical odyssey of Glendale’s weather history. Holter sings Woody Guthrie songs and shares video commemorating the 1934 Crescenta New Year’s Day flood.

This video features Darryl singing Woody Guthrie’s Los Angeles New Year’s Flood and includes archival images provided by the Natural History Museum’s Seaver Center for Western History Research. Images of the flood from the Library’s Glendale History Room will shed light on the history of the flood and its impact on local residents and communities. Holter will also share additional Woody Guthrie songs and stories from Guthrie’s time living in Los Angeles.

A drawing will be held with gift baskets courtesy of the Natural History Museum.

Presented in partnership with the Natural History Museum.

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This year, to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the Los Angeles River floods of 1934, Darryl Holter, author of Woody Guthrie in LA, 1939-1941, has produced a video of archival photos and newspaper clippings accompanied by his recording of Guthrie’s song, “The Los Angeles New Year’s Flood.” Darryl will unveil his new video. We will also present various archival materials from the Library’s History Room to shed light on the history of the floods and their impact on our people and communities.

Darryl will perform several unrecorded and virtually unknown Guthrie songs written for his radio show including “Downtown Traffic Blues”, “Big City Ways”, “California, California”, and “Hooversville.” Original handwritten and typed lyrics will be available for viewing.

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In 2016, the Library hosted Darryl Holter to discuss Woody Guthrie’s experiences in Los Angeles and Glendale, where he resided. Since Darryl is also a singer-songwriter, he performed songs written by Guthrie for his daily radio show on KFVD.

Cosponsored by the Natural History Museum. Door prizes for attendees! Refreshments will be served–please RSVP.

Date: Saturday October 26th 2019 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Location: Downtown Central Library
222 East Harvard Street
Glendale, California 91205

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