Darryl Holter


2020 Vision

Why I Wrote 2020 Vision

I wrote the song “2020 Vision” in December, a few weeks after the election.  I wanted to propel listeners into the future—the next presidential election– and show how Trump voters, especially working class people who believed his promises in 2016, now saw that his policies have betrayed their trust and worsened their already tenuous situation.  I used the analogy of not being able to see clearly without eyeglasses. When we have the proper prescription our vision can be corrected and become 20-20. My fear is that Trump will betray his voters.  My hope is that they will understand and vote against him in 2020.

The song predicts a number of very serious policy changes that will hurt most voters, but especially Trump voters.  The bad news is that
Republican majority wants to dismantle health care, turn social security into a private insurance plan, and deny medical care to the poor while at the same time giving a huge tax break to the rich.

But the good news is that the American people are putting on their glasses and seeing Trumpism for what it really is.  Halting the effort
to dismantle the Affordable Care Act is the first round in a long road to take back our country.  While the media attributes the debacle to disagreements among Republicans, the truth is that popular, grass-roots pressure from below by people like you and I was powerful enough to stiffen the backs of Democrats, frighten Republican lawmakers, and hammer nails into the coffin of Trumpcare.

– Darryl Holter