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Eye On Country Concert Review

Darryl Holter at The Seven Grand in Los Angeles, CA Review, May 25, 2013 – Dan Sherman, Eye On Country A couple of weeks ago I read in the Downtown News that Darryl Holter was playing at Seven Grand and I thought I would stop by and listen. I really[…]

Darryl Holter Sings About Crooked Hearts

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From Car Master to Los Angeles Roots Rocker Interview by Ryan Vaillancourt | Los Angeles Downtown News 15 Apr 2013 Darryl Holter is known around Downtown primarily as the double-breasted suit-wearing executive who manages the Shammas Group’s small empire of Figueroa Street auto dealerships. So it might come as a[…]

CD Review From AmericanaUK

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Crooked Hearts CD Review From AmericanaUK 31 Jul 2012 Darryl Holter “Crooked Hearts” CD Review From AmericanaUK By Paul Kerr www.americana-uk.com 213 Music, 2012 A blast from the past from a guy who’s been there. Darryl Holter is a kindly looking grey haired gent whose appearance on his album cover might[…]

Crooked Hearts CD Review

Crooked Hearts Darryl Holter

DARRYL HOLTER Crooked Hearts CD Review From Country Music People Magazine, June 2012 Producer: Ben Wendel 213 Music Here is a huge talent. Country/Americana singer-songwriter Darryl Holter currently lives and works in L.A, but is originally from Minneapolis. Apart from music, this is the singers third release, he also writes[…]