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Chevalier’s Books

New Owners Bringing Renewed Life to Chevalier’s Books 28 Oct 2014 Larchmont Village shoppers have been wondering about the next chapter for Chevalier’s Books. Window shoppers along Larchmont Boulevard were delighted to see the recent signage posted at 126 N Larchmont announcing Chevalier’s Books is “turning the page to a new[…]

Tim Young Guitar on Radio Songs

tim young

Darryl Holter’s forthcoming new album is called Radio Songs. The new album is produced by Ben Wendel and features some great musicians such as Tim Young, Billy Mohler. Greg Leisz and Dave Kemper. The album will also feature many special guests. This is part of a series of blogs with[…]

Ben Wendel Producer of Radio Songs

ben wendel

Ben Wendel Producer of Radio Songs by Darryl Holter 17 May 2014 Darryl Holter’s forthcoming new album is called Radio Songs. The album features songs written by Woody Guthrie when Guthrie hosted a daily radio show on KFVD in Los Angeles from 1937 to 1939. Darryl Holter: One big reason why[…]

Woody Guthrie Award

holter guthrie

Darryl Holter Receives Woody Guthrie Award Darryl Holter was honored as a recipient of a new Woody Guthrie Award from the Coalition of Mental Health Professionals in Los Angeles on Sunday, June 30, 2013. The organization provides vital mental health and wellness services to the communities of South Los Angeles.[…]

Eye On Country Concert Review

Darryl Holter at The Seven Grand in Los Angeles, CA Review, May 25, 2013 – Dan Sherman, Eye On Country A couple of weeks ago I read in the Downtown News that Darryl Holter was playing at Seven Grand and I thought I would stop by and listen. I really[…]

Darryl Holter Sings About Crooked Hearts

darryl holter

From Car Master to Los Angeles Roots Rocker Interview by Ryan Vaillancourt | Los Angeles Downtown News 15 Apr 2013 Darryl Holter is known around Downtown primarily as the double-breasted suit-wearing executive who manages the Shammas Group’s small empire of Figueroa Street auto dealerships. So it might come as a[…]

Woody Guthrie Plaque


New Woody Guthrie Plaque at Petes Cafe 16 Mar 2013 The idea for the plaque came from Bob Santelli (Director of the Grammy Museum) and myself. The plan to designate 4th and Main, in Los Angeles, as “Woody Guthrie Square” had already been discussed but we wanted something that would provide[…]

CD Review From AmericanaUK

crooked hearts darryl holter

Crooked Hearts CD Review From AmericanaUK 31 Jul 2012 Darryl Holter “Crooked Hearts” CD Review From AmericanaUK By Paul Kerr www.americana-uk.com 213 Music, 2012 A blast from the past from a guy who’s been there. Darryl Holter is a kindly looking grey haired gent whose appearance on his album cover might[…]