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Rolling Thunder Revue

darryl holter bob dylan

In his new documentary, Martin Scorsese revisits a famous Bob Dylan tour that included Joan Baez and Allen Ginsberg. Martin Scorsese’s belated film on Bob Dylan’s “Rolling Thunder Revue” in 1975 is a cinematic gem. We see Dylan joined once again with stunningly beautiful Joan Baez, their duets recreating the[…]

Tony Glover, Master of the Blues Harmonica, Is Dead at 79

holter Minneapolis

Tony Glover was an incredible blues harpist and a major figure in the music scene in Minneapolis.  Mick Jagger and John Lennon learned to play blues harp from Tony and his “Blues Harp” book.  In the late ‘60s Tony took over the all-night “underground” shift at KDWB AM.  While Dave[…]

5th and Broadway

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5th and Broadway By Darryl Holter | December 2018 In the fall of 1997, while walking around the nascent Art District of LA, I met an artist named John Kilduff.  He did his painting in the open air, setting up his easel on sidewalks and alleys in Downtown Los Angeles[…]

The Streets of Los Angeles

darryl holter los angeles

Video Showcase on “The Streets of Los Angeles: a Brief Look at the People Behind the Street Names” by Elisabeth L. Uyeda | December 2018 Los Angeles did not just happen. It was built by real people – and they were as diverse as today’s populace. Combining a blend of[…]

Leonard Cohen: Art Exhibit with Julia Holter

julia holter

Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything The world-renowned novelist, poet and singer/songwriter inspired generations of writers, musicians and artists. For decades, Leonard Cohen tenaciously supplied the world with melancholy but urgent observations on the state of the human heart. Situated between monograph and devotional exercise, this visually striking publication documents[…]

New music from Julia Holter

Julia Holter

When I opened the Los Angeles Times on Sunday morning I was pleasantly surprised to see this review of the first track of Julia’s new album, “Aviary”, which will be released in a few weeks. I think Randall really nails it when he describes how the song begins, grows in[…]