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Darryl’s new album “Roots & Branches” is available now!

darryl holter roots & branches

Darryl’s new album “Roots & Branches” feat. Shayna Steele, Joe Henry, Julia Holter, Becca Stevens, Chris Morrissey and Anais Mitchell and produced by Ben Wendel is available now! Stream or purchase today! Purchase & listen today! Bandcamp: Roots & Branches on Bandcamp Spotify: Roots & Branches on Spotify More About[…]

A Tale of Two States Darryl Holter Book Review

darryl holter book review

A Tale of Two States Darryl Holter Book Review Darryl Holter Book Review | Los Angeles Review of Books TWO STATES, two directions, two futures. Dan Kaufman, author of The Fall of Wisconsin: The Conservative Conquest of a Progressive Bastion and the Future of American Politics, and Manuel Pastor, author[…]

Left Bank Blues: Adventures in Paris 1975

darryl holter paris

Left Bank Blues Darryl Holter Adventures in Paris 1975 By Darryl Holter When my daughter Julia was studying music at the University of Michigan she enrolled in a one-month course on “counterpoint” music at the Nadia Boulanger Institute in Paris. Not long after she arrived in Paris I had to[…]

Bookstories Podcast Interview with Darryl Holter

Bookstories Podcast Interview with Darryl Holter Bookstories by Alternate Thursdays on Apple Podcasts A podcast about the business and culture of bookselling in the 21st century. Episode 11: Chevalier’s Books / Daryl Holter Released Jun 28, 2018 A wide-ranging conversation with Daryl Holter, co-owner of Chevalier’s Books in the Larchmont[…]

Darryl Holter Workshop at The Folk Roots Festival

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Darryl Holter Panel Discussion at The Folk Roots Festival: Social Justice And Folk Music. 2:00pm Workshop Panel Discussion: Social Justice And Folk Music – The Panel will discuss the history and today’s songs about social justice. Featuring: Darryl Holter, Ross Altman, Jonathan Ritter with Larry Wines Moderator Folk Roots Festival:[…]

Saying Goodbye to Caravan Book Store After 64 Years


Caravan Book Store in DTLA Is Closing After Nearly 64 Years Elisabeth L. Uyeda | Blogspot Leonard Bernstein, proprietor of Caravan Book Store, said at the time his parents started the business in 1954, the area consisted of numerous offices for rail and shipping lines along with a few airlines.[…]

Grown-Up Anger Darryl Holter Book Review

grown-up anger wolff holter

“I’ll Take You to a Place Called Italian Hall”: On Daniel Wolff’s “Grown-Up Anger” and the Calumet Massacre of 1913 Darryl Holter Book Review Darryl Holter Book Review | Los Angeles Review of Books A LABOR STRIKE and a heart-wrenching tragedy in 1913, Woody Guthrie at a hootenanny in a[…]